• ‘King of the River’, from the original oil painting on an abstract ink and acrylic background.The inspiration for this piece is founded on the elements fire and water, taken from the extraordinary iridescent colours of the kingfisher. The left hand bottom corner is based on organic matter, grass and reeds. I also wanted to convey a wave and flames licking up. This was built up oil paint with a palette knife. The expressive abstract based contrasts with the semi realism of the subject.
    Never more than 100 of size A2-A4 and only 50 of A1. 
    All hand signed and numbered by Sophie.
    If embellished, please let me know what additions you’d like- gold leaf, pastel colours or charcoal. 
    Giclee printed, to last unfaded up to 100 years and on fine art paper.Available embellished with chalk pastel.


    PriceFrom £45.00